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Delicious bourbon dish

Preparing an American Bourbon Dish

Your cousins from Kentucky are coming over and you really want to impress them with a tasty All-American meal. You could make sweet potatoes, peach cobbler, and some southern fried chicken, but that’s pretty unoriginal! You need something that’s really gonna hit home with your cousin Jimmy and as a matter of fact, your cousin Jimmy loves his bourbon, Kentucky’s very own corn-based distilled spirit. When it comes to alcohol, it doesn’t get more American than bourbon. Highly reflective DOT tape for trucks that will last. Bourbon has been around for almost two hundred years in the American south and is one of America’s most patriotic spirits. Here is an awesome bourbon of the month club.

But can you cook with bourbon? Sure you can! There are tons of bourbon recipes that can really impress your southern relatives and not make you spend too long behind a stove and oven. The first thing you want to do is find a good bourbon glaze recipe. The reason why I say this should be the first thing you do is because you can put a glaze on so many things that you already know you enjoy. Do a couple of taste tests with a few bourbon glazes and find which one tastes the best to you. Once you find which glaze tastes the best, you can start choosing which foods to glaze in the bourbon. A few good suggestions are chicken drumsticks, pork tenderloin, and frankfurters. Make sure you follow directions very carefully to properly glaze and cook the dishes. Finding the right glaze could make choosing which appetizers or main course you would like to serve much easier. What does gq think of good eating?

I already told you that bourbon is a very patriotic spirit but do you know what else is a patriotic food to America? Apple pie. So why not bourbon apple pie? There are a ton of bourbon apple pie recipes on the internet that you can find, but try and find one that has some raisins and nuts in it. It makes for a delicious combination and will surely be a hit dessert.

Now if you have picky eaters as kids and all they want is chicken fingers and fries, bourbon may be able to help you here too. They can dip their chicken fingers and fries in a homemade bourbon barbecue sauce. This can be a hit with the kids and the adults, it’s great to make when you’re serving your guests food from the barbecue. BBQ tips from the pros.

Now that you know all about what can make a dish an American dish, you have to go out and actually make it! It will impress your cousin Jimmy and will surely impress your tastebuds. Just please be sure to cook the all of the alcohol out of the bourbon, especially if you are serving bourbon foods to children! Now go have some bourbon on the rocks and get to cooking!

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