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Bourbon with your meal

I freely admit that I love food, but not just any food, but GREAT Food, specifically I love food that has a twist, something that makes me smile by the end of the meal, and thats usually my bourbon or whisky blended meals.

A dash of whisky or dash of bourbon, can certainly add a twist to a meal, but from my experience moderation on the amount can be needed sometimes as it is possible to go overboard and fall asleep half way through the meal if your not careful, haha. Great whiskey

My favourite type of recipe with a touch of whisky for example is one of my favourites as I’m British. Imi talking about a game bird, certainly a luxury it, but definitely delicious. My favourite is pigeon, and by adding a little creme de casis on top which a big dash of whisky in it, it always spices up the meal, and makes it so delicious at the same time.

My favourite for breakfast is Marmalade & whisky bread & butter pudding, but only on the weekend for obvious reasons. To make it you simply open your favourite bottle of whisky and poor a good measure into a cup of cream and vanilla with a spoon of sugar. Then you add it to some bread and orange marmalade to make into a pudding with a pow wow wow. Their a lots of great bread to test your favourite version on such as the Scottish fruit based load Sekjirk Bannockk or even try it with a brioche or a hot cross bun. You can have lots of fun with whisky now that you know how. Blended scotch whiskey

Now ff your not a fan of whisky or other alcohol in your food, but rather in your glass here are some fun suggestions of drinks to go with different types of meals.

For example whisky or bourbon with a fine cheese Roquefort is absolutely amazing on the palate, or chocolate, especially dark chocolate with cocoa is is absolutely delicious.

Another great choice is apple and pears, when you take those fruit and have a bite and then a sip of your favourite bourbon for example, it is just a great way to relax and feel at peace on Sunday afternoon after a long hard week at work.

Now if you like any type of scotch and you have been on the cheese and chocolate as suggested or even the apples and pears all day then you need something to soak up all that alcohol, and my suggestions is pork ribs, yes I know I actually said pork ribs, but here is why. By mixing the pork ribs in a nice spicy marinade with scotch added into it, with onions blended in, and then left to marinade for a day or two add flavour, when it comes to sitting down it just makes for the best pig out suggestion ever, that will leave you sitting on the couch stuffed with the friend of you choice on your shoulder both with big rosy cheeks as your watching a nice movie on netlix. To me thats the perfect way to relax. Other whiskey recipes

I hope you like these Ideas and you try your favourite spirit in your or with your next meal, it will certainly raise your spirits and your be smiling

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