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Foods that are just Crazy Enough to be Delicious

I like to experiment with foods. The results aren’t always exactly what I expect them to be but sometimes I come up with some foods that are just to die for. And when I say they’re to die for, I mean figuratively and literally. Some of these recipes are extremely unhealthy and you should NOT be eating these kinds of foods every day. But if you like to cheat every once in awhile, these foods are just amazingly delicious.

The thing to note about these recipes is that you can use your own creativity, this is more a way of how to experimentally cook. You can use your own different herbs and spices to add your own flavors and uniqueness to the dishes you make.

The first dish I made that was really delicious and a little crazy was a fried beef burger patty. Sounds pretty normal until you hear how exactly I fried these burgers. First, I took a ⅓ pound burger and egged it all up. Then I breaded it with my favorite bread crumbs. My suggestion is to take plain bread crumbs and head to your spice rack. Make up your own concoction and go with it. After your beef patty is fully breaded on all edges, place it in a pan that is about 1 ½ centimeters high of oil. Make sure you put some more herbs and spices into the oil(not the same ones you put in the bread crumbs). The spices in the oil infuse into the breading and the patty itself and once it’s fully cooked, you have a crispy, flavorful, extremely unhealthy beef patty ready to be eaten. At this point, throw the patty on a bun and put whatever you like on it. I’ve even learned how to make some of the special sauces from fast food chains and have put that on it. The key with this is to use your imagination and find out what tastes best. You may fail a few times but once you figure out which combination tastes good, you’ll want to keep making it more and more.

We aren’t done here though, there’s one more crazy way of cooking I use that is worth sharing. All you need is a pot, a few different types of sauces, some bacon, and a few steaks. This is going to use a lot of barbecue sauce so you may as well buy a new container. Fill up your pot with whatever combination of sauces tastes good to you. Whenever I do this, I usually just raid my fridge and pull out everything and just start mixing stuff until the sauce tastes good. Do this until you have enough sauce in the pot to fully immerse your steaks in the sauce. Before you put the steaks into the pot, cut slits into the steaks and weave pieces of bacon through the slits. Throw the steaks into the pot and watch your sauce infuse into the meat. Your end result is the tastiest piece of meat you have ever eaten.

Unfortunately, everything I told you here is extremely unhealthy and can only be eaten very sparingly. You should find your own ways to experiment with cooking and share what you find with your friends and family. Enjoy!

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